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    Hi! Welcome to this space where I’m seeking for sorting out my art related ideas. I enjoy creating categorization systems to foster unexpected connections, so the idea is to you to stroll along the sections and their purpose. I discovered myself in a constant internalize and externalize dynamic, or, in other words, into an “Inhalation” and “ExhaIation” process of interaction with my surrounding (which are the sections for my experimentations and my results, respectively): While I’m wandering around I inhale the cityscape with their accidents and juxtapositions. I'm also under the influence of concrete and untouchable layers of the city. As consequence, I exhale responses and reflections using watercolour, illustration and maps. Sometimes, I use all these elements separately. Some others all come together. I like to use the breathing process as an analogy to my own creative experience because it is a vital interaction that happens with interdependence to the environment and it takes place in our beings unconsciously. It wasn't until later on my journey when I realized that arts could be an effective way to connect fragments of myself as it also would be the language to interact with the world, without too much noise around. It took me a while to assume it, and nowadays, I’m in the process of creating a voice for communicating myself, using this language. That is why you can find a “Resonation” section: a place where I’m building bridges to create communication, collaboration and diffusion spaces and thus, connect with others. Everything is a bit open to the future possibilities that may come up. The categories are my fictions. Inhalation→ Process, experiments, explorations Expiration→ Responses, Results. Resonation→Events, Shows, Workshops, Exhibitions.

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